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Bloomfilter, a software project management platform.

Why We Invested: Bloomfilter

North Coast Ventures recently made a seed investment in Bloomfilter, a software project management platform.

The Bloomfilter application provides software teams complete visibility into their projects to optimize team member contributions on projects, and improve communication, predictability and efficiency across the software development lifecycle. Users can leverage existing data to build advanced analytics and AI to drive real-time activities and attain project success. 

The intuitive and sophisticated solution delivers confidence and peace of mind to software leaders by integrating into existing toolsets such as Jira, Asana, Github and others, eliminating the need to migrate or disrupt workflow. Bloomfilter has a strong value proposition in that it helps users achieve a truly agile software development approach and leverage much more value out of their broader project management toolsets.  

Founder and CEO Andrew Wolfe is a serial entrepreneur with deep industry expertise, previously working at high-growth companies Explorys, Tableau and OnShift. He has built world-class software for differing enterprises and startups, and lived the problem of managing tech products at scale. Andrew leads a team of technologists with combined experience on more than 100 projects helping companies adopt cutting-edge technology into their organizations and products.

Andrew and his team have developed a growing pipeline of customers and users that validate Bloomfilter is a must-have to understand project health, create actionable insights, automate mundane tasks, identify risks early and make informed decisions. 

NCV was impressed to see Bloomfilter has support from industry veterans like Blake Squires, an NCV member investor and serial entrepreneur that founded multiple companies including Everstream, Findaway, Movable, and Generator Works

Bloomfilter recently joined the 2022 class for Techstars Chicago. This highly competitive, annual accelerator program provides funding, as well as mentorship from other successful CEOs and entrepreneurs to participants. 


About North Coast Ventures

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